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Stress Free Furniture Removal Tips

Relocating and moving can be a stressful occasion for most people or businesses. However, taking some careful planning and organising can help make the big move alot easier than most people make it.

Hiring a professional furniture removal company is one way to take the hassle out of moving, however some people simply can’t afford the expense and prefer to tackle it themselves. Most furniture removal companies will cut their prices if the client undertakes some procedures which will make the removalists job easier. Some of these are listed below.

A Quick List of Furniture Removal Tips

  • Make a comprehensive list of what you will be packing and moving to your new destination
  • Sell, give away or hold a garage sale for anything that you no longer need or use
  • Organise your belongings and personal items into groups eg. fragile, consumables etc
  • Purchase or obtain suitable strong cardboard boxes. Try approaching any local businesses who would normally throughout such boxes.

tips for safe furniture removal

Removal Materials Need

  • Strong cardboard boxes
  • Packing Tap
  • Wrapping paper/old news paper, bubble wrap, tissue paper
  • Texters to label boxes
  • Notes for wrapping. Makes unpacking at the other end alot easier

When packing fragile and breakable items always take time to make sure they adequately wrapped with bubble wrap, news paper or even old news paper. for larger items use towels, old linen and or blankets to help cushion any rough any fragile or breakable items that are already wrapped.

Another useful item is zip lock bags that are great for storing small items that end up cluttering your draws.

Never Rush Furniture Removal or Packing

Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to start packing. You should start with those items that never get used. Always do one room at a time if time permits. Going from one room to another always leads to confusion and makes removal alot more stressful. Make a list of the items that you need for your daily routine. Everything else which isn’t on that list can be packed away ready to transport.

Packing Valuables

For this example we will refer to valuables as those things including, wills, jewelry, photographs, home and family videos, investment related documents. These type of valuables, were appropriate, should always travel with you.

Packing Bulky Items

One of the last pieces of furniture to be packed will be your bed. When you take apart your bed be sure to tape the frames and rails together to avoid them rubbing against each other in transit. As with your tables, and any other furniture, wrap them in old linen or blankets to stop them being scratched or damaged. Check any user manuals for transportation instructions on any white goods. Most are fine along as they aren’t layed down or carried up side down. Be sure to tape any draws or ice containers in your fridges or freezers.

All mirrors should be securely wrapped in old linen or blankets. Roll up any rugs or carpets and tie them down using rope or thick sticky tape.

These are some helpful tips and advice to assist your furniture removal and take some of the stress out of your relocating. Remember it is always important to be organised well ahead of time.

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